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Chief Guest Interview

Dr. Sudhir Mishra

Interview Dr. Sudhir Mishra

It was an evening of accomplishment, celebration and nostalgia. The second Convocation of Marwadi University took place on October 12, 2019, filling the campus with colour and excitement. To grace this occasion with dignity and honour, we had invited Dr. Sudhir Mishra, DG (BrahMos), DRDO & CEO&MD, BrahMos Aerospace, as our Chief Guest.

Dr. Mishra observed intently as he was given a grand tour of our campus, and interacted with the faculty members. He expressed his admiration in an interview, while also airing his views on the Indian education system.

Here is an extract.

What is your impression of the Marwadi University campus so far?

I see that some students are serious, some are having fun; I see curious eyes, and everyone seems to be leading a normal campus life. They seem to be getting exposed to all the flavors of campus life, which is good to see.

Secondly, I am really impressed with the infrastructure. It has all the essential attributes to make one’s college life memorable, shinning and worth the experience. You have an excellent library. I saw the sports facilities, which are remarkable.

The third thing is the teachers. The faculty is bubbling with energy, curious eyes, and questions. I see very young faculty – I am told the average age is 33, and I see people right from the age of 24 years to 60 years, which is good. One must have a good mix of youth and experience.

The fourth thing, which is very important, is the energy. One can build infrastructure, one can bring in excellent faculty members, but the energy? It needs to be there. It is the combination of all these elements that makes this place very different and special.

What are your views on the current Indian education system and what changes would you recommend to better it?

We have a lot of variety in our education system, which is vital. We should not try to make it uniform. Every state hasits own standards, own way of teaching, and that is a good thing. Varied methods of education produce students who have their own innovative way of thinking and perspective. India is full of diverse colours, languages and minds, and that should reflect in the way we impart education.

While we must encourage our youth to find and follow their own path, we must also ensure that we can channelize the energy into the right direction. If you look around, not many countries are doing technically as well as we are. The future seems very bright.

What is the one most pertinent piece of advice would you offer our graduates as they begin their journey out there in the world?

I would like to tell the students of Marwadi University that they should, and they must ensure that they are sincere, hard-working and knowledgeable, and of course most of them are intelligent enoughto know how to combine these attributes in the right proportion to achieve success.

What are your views regarding the developments in the artificial intelligence technology and replacing it with humans in certain walks of life?

Artificial Intelligence is lone chapter in a vast field. It is like one subject in the evolution of computer science.

Artificial Intelligence is not an end in itself, although it is going to affect certain aspect of our life, like the way we interact with equipment, instruments, and machineries.It will change the way we use mobile phones, television and other entertainment equipment.

In the last 30 to 35 years, many new terms have been coined with the evolution of computer science, and Artificial Intelligence is one of them.Artificial Intelligence is going to be here and we have to learn to live with it. But it will never threaten the intelligence of human beings. Human beings are the most intelligent creatures on the planet earth and they will dictate the way things happen. AI could be one more helping hand to human beings.