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In It’s not me, it’s you, a short video for its #CleanSeas campaign, the UN environment wing takes a lighter look at the very serious problem of marine litter and urges everyone to give up the use of single-use plastic products such as disposable cutlery, water-bottles, food containers and shopping bags.,bbl sydney sixers,UNICEF continues to work with the Government and other partners to provide informal and accelerated community-based education, including the provision of education in community buildings and homes, which is key in reducing the risk of attacks against children making their way to school on a daily basis.,These changing weather patterns across the region are testing age-old farming practices, and making it harder for some growers to make a living and feed their families..

“As the Secretary-General said in a statement on 1 June 2017, the decision by the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement is a major disappointment for global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote global security,” said UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric in a note sent tonight to correspondents.,Climate change: A global challenge,Last year, ECW reached 3.7 million students across 32 crisis-impacted countries, 48.9 per cent were girls. An additional 11.8 million students were reached through the fund’s COVID-19 intervention programmes. These schemes have brought the total number of children and adolescents supported by COVID-19 interventions to 31.2 million, 52 per cent of which are girls.,metal slug 6 online game.

bbl sydney sixers

Called “Peace begins with me” the poem pays tribute to the strength and resilience of communities affected by conflict as well as those who help them rebuild their lives and livelihoods. It is a reminder of our responsibility to promote peace in our communities, countries and across the world – a conviction that has driven more than two million men and women to serve in over 70 peacekeeping operations since 1948.  ,metal slug 5 game play online,Mr. Guterres pointed out the “horrendous suffering” that disasters can inflict, and the decades of development gains wiped out “in an instant”. He added that climate resilience and disaster risk reduction must be central to the trillions of dollars that will be invested in new housing, schools, hospitals and infrastructure over the coming decade..

Mr. Minnis said small island countries “are on the frontlines of being swallowed into an abyss created initially by human activity and increasingly by inaction.”,Contributing to the global report, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) highlights that the use of information and communications technology during all phases of disaster risk management presents “substantial opportunities to reduce disaster risks, enhance coping capabilities, and provide inclusive preparedness and response.”,metal slug 6 online game,The Health Evidence Synthesis report, from WHO’s Regional Office for Europe, analysed evidence from over 900 publications supporting ways in which the arts can help improve physical and mental health, in the most comprehensive review of its kind to date..

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A cultural food fight between “gooey” peanut butter and jelly and “icky” hummus sandwiches leads to global acceptance – at least at the grade-school level – in a colourful picture book launched today by Queen Rania of Jordan and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Eminent Advocate for children.,Togo ranks sixth in the list of countries providing police officers serving with the UN.  The country also received an EIF grant to conduct a study to assess the barriers, opportunities and challenges faced by its women police officers in order to increase their meaningful participation in UN operations.  ,Stephen O'Malley: Dominica, maybe I'll start there because I've been to Dominica probably 10 times over the last four years. It's a country that I feel I know quite well. When we were flying in and you were looking down at this 'nature isle', as it's called, and it was totally brown... you could see the trees blown over and hardly any green at all. We came in to land at this small airport and there are all these logs which had come down from the hillsides. They were all along the waterfront. We started driving into the city and, literally, it was like going... I'm from Canada... it was like going into a city after there'd been a snowstorm but the storm was mud and not snow. It had all been pushed up to the banks, on the sides of the street. You had galvanized sheeting, you had plastic, you had mattresses, all kinds of stuff. I had seen the pictures and I have to say it was still very emotional for me to see the effect..

bbl sydney sixers,Saying that the Forum’s fifth edition had come at “a crucial moment in today’s international arena,” Miguel Moratinos, High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), said that through intercultural dialogue, the world was moving towards a “new multilateralism”.,“The right to a healthy environment is fundamental to human well-being and is legally recognized by over 150 States at the national and regional levels. It should be globally reaffirmed to ensure the enjoyment of this right by everyone, everywhere while upholding the human rights principles of universality and non-discrimination.” .

Last December, the UN General Assembly designated 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day, with 142 countries co-sponsoring a resolution drafted by Japan, which worked with other disaster-prone countries as well as partners such as UNISDR.,Mr. Dujarric also said that the Secretary-General looked forward to engaging with the US Government and all actors in the country and around the world to build the sustainable future on which the future generations depend.,Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education who also served as UK Prime Minister, was one of the signatories asking G20 heads, national Governments and global financial institutions to urgently ramp up funding to “rebuild education better”..

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The group alleges that under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Committee should order Member States to take action to protect all children from the devastating impacts of climate change.  ,metal slug 5 game play online,After a month of war, local authorities have reported that more than 733 educational institutions have been damaged or destroyed..

In terms of the impact of disasters on the global economy between 1998 and 2017, affected countries reported direct losses of .908 trillion. That’s more than twice what was lost in the previous two decades.,The report argues that without urgent action, water quality will continue to deteriorate, impacting human health, massively reducing food production and, consequently, stalling economic progress.,metal slug 6 online game,Worsening insecurity, high rates of poverty and persistent discrimination against girls caused the rate of out-of-school children to increase last year for the first time since 2002. Girls account for 60 per cent of children not in the education system. .

In its new report, What works to prevent online violence against children, WHO focuses on ways of curbing the grooming of youngsters via the Internet, sexual image abuse - and cyber aggression and harassment in the form of cyberbullying, cyberstalking, hacking and identity theft. ,metal slug 6 online game,Mr. Guterres recalled that when world leaders signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change three years ago, they pledged to keep global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to work to keep the increase as close as possible to 1.5 degrees.,On a more optimistic note, the report makes clear that  the science, technology, and financing exists to move towards a more sustainable global economy, and ensure that the worst-case scenario is avoided, but political leaders, together with much of the public and private sector, is still wedded to outdated, polluting models of production and development..

“The new port facility and the Higher Ground initiative, along with an aggressive push on renewable energy and efficiency, serve as the major cornerstones of a sustainable development strategy that has the potential to create good jobs, generate new revenue streams, and radically improve our fiscal situation,” he said.,This saw a 175-per cent annual increase in patent applications from 2013 to 2016, far in excess of the 33 per cent average for all patents in the same period.,And, perhaps not surprisingly, moving hundreds of thousands of passengers each day across tens of thousands of kilometres of network requires enormous amounts of energy, energy which in the past has often been provided by burning polluting fossil fuels. Those fuels have been identified as one of the key drivers of climate change.,metal slug 5 game play online.

The school was shuttered in the wake of that attack.,street cricket game free online,The commitment came at a joint meeting of Pacific Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, as part of the Pacific Week of Agriculture being held in Samoa, convened jointly by FAO and the Pacific Community (SPC). ,Opening the week-long meeting, IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee said “Three weeks ago in New York, the UN Secretary General António Guterres described climate change as the great challenge of our time. But, he also noted that, thanks to science, we know its size and nature. Science alerts us to the gravity of the situation, but science also, and this special report in particular, helps us understand the solutions available to us.”.

In addition to a regional virtual library network to which universities will be linked, the project will set up a cyber institute giving professors online access to training courses. A central database for calculating students’ course credits in all state universities will be established to help harmonize academic standards and facilitate student mobility.,Meanwhile, General Assembly President Tijjani Muhammad-Bande reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to promote harmony with nature for a “just, sustainable and prosperous society”. ,We are very concerned, as more and more data is emerging, of the disproportionate impact school closures have had, in terms of learning loss, on marginalized children.,metal slug 6 online game.

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Levels of carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas, are at the highest levels ever, mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels for energy.,“The projections show us where we still have time to act before it's too late,” Mr. Solheim said.,They will also contribute to a UNESCO Conference on shaping digital platform regulation that will be held in February, bringing together representatives from governments, civil society, the private sector, academia, the tech community and other stakeholders. .

bbl sydney sixers,Like many women in Tajikistan, Shermatova Marjona has experienced gender-based violence.,UNESCO denounced the attack against Nimrud on 6 March. Last weekend’s video shows the total destruction of the north-west part of the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, along with stone sculptures from the neo-Assyrian era. Situated 32 kilometres south of Mosul, the Palace was built dated back to 879 B.C., when Nimrud, then known as Kalhu, served as the capital of the Assyrian Empire..

Y-PEER focuses on building young people’s life skills to deal with the challenges that they face. Ms. Fasihi joined a training session last July and is now one of the 25 trainers for Y-PEER in Afghanistan.,Countries can offer their children the best of both worlds: They can achieve standards of excellence in education and have relatively low inequality--UNICEF research centre director,Food and water security issues, along with vector-borne diseases, such as cholera, dengue or malaria, also featured..

In his message, Mr. Guterres highlighted the huge economic costs of climate change and the opportunities presented by climate action.,Such high PIKE levels are of concern because even in well-established and protected elephant populations, the annual losses to illegal killing and other mortalities are not being compensated by birth rates.,“Climate change for us is of utmost importance,” said Mr. Harris, “it remains an existential threat.”.

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In a statement issued ahead of presenting his latest report to the Human Rights Council later this month, Victor Madrigal-Borloz urged States to collect more data in an effort to understand the root causes of violence which is often routinely directed towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in societies across the world. ,The FAO Director-General stressed in particular the need to support small farmers in the developing world adapt to climate change.,“I’m happy to hear that finally tsunami has a dedicated international day to raise the awareness of the importance of early warning systems, education and preparedness,” she said, stressing that “the power of education is not just to transform lives but the power of education is to really save lives.”.

bbl sydney sixers,Women make up less than 30 percent of graduates in information and technology and occupy less than 30 percent of research and development jobs globally.,“Bringing people together, inspiring, soothing and sharing: these are the powers of art, the importance of which has been made emphatically obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic”, Audrey Azoulay said in her message..

Under the rights of persons with disabilities, her sixth priority, she said that a Steering Committee on Accessibility at the UN had been launched in December on the eve of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.,In terms of resource accessibility, last year ECW mobilized a record-breaking 8.6 million. Total contributions to the ECW Trust Fund therefore top .1 billion.,“Repositories of Ukrainian literature, museums, and historical archives – are being destroyed, and there is a widespread narrative of demonisation and denigration of Ukrainian culture and identity promoted by Russian officials, along with calls for ideological repression and strict censorship in the political, cultural and educational spheres. Let us be clear: the Ukrainian people have a right to their identity. Nobody can violate this right.” .

In his keynote address, Mr. Zhenmin also raised nuclear safety, which he described as "a significant public concern, especially after the Fukushima accidents and terrorism related fears".,Mr. Jenkins spoke to Conor Lennon from UN News ahead of this year’s International Day of Education, marked on 24 January. He began by outlining some of the effects the pandemic had on students worldwide.,A lot of music lovers were happy to learn that Jamaican reggae was also inscribed. Originating from marginalized groups, mainly in Western Kingston, the genre’s “contribution to international discourse on issues of injustice, resistance, love and humanity underscores the dynamics of the element as being at once cerebral, socio-political, sensual and spiritual," according to UNESCO..